About Joris Visscher

I am a self employed DevOps engineer, currently working self employed in the Netherlands. I’ve worked with Oracle Middleware software since 2009 and been working in IT since 2001.

At home I’m more playing around on my old thinkpad running Ubuntu Linux, which runs all Oracle products nicely as well! I’ve been running Ubuntu since 2004 with a small de-tour on OSX and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My hobbies are mostly swimming, cycling and ice skating, going to concerts or simply having a good time with friends.

I’ve gained my bachelor degree from the HanzeHogeschool in Groningen after I’ve spent two years working full time as a Windows systems and network administrator.

This Blog:

I’ll be posting articles about topics which have taken me some time to find a good answer for, or topics on which I’m still doubting what is the best way to tackle the problem. Other times it’ll just be a glorified bookmark folder for myself.


My LinkedIn Profile

My personal website (for contact)

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